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Jim Thompson's unique kites are a wonder to see: a menagerie of beasts and birds and an occasional human. These are traditional diamond-shaped kites constructed of brown craft paper on a frame of wooden dowels and fish line. On each Jim uses acrylics to paint a face with eyes staring directly at the viewer, so when in the gallery you have the sense that it is you and not them who is being viewed. Some gaze at you with curiosity, some with pleasure, some with caution, and some seem to stare in judgment.

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Kite of the Week
Kite of the Week

Jim's kites are mostly hung as works of art, but they are designed to fly. In flight they may take on a stronger personality as if the wind breathes life into them. All you need is a bridle and some kite string. The bridle is a length of string approximately 5 feet in length that is tied to the top and bottom of the kite. Some instructions call for the bridle to be mounted six inches or so from the top and bottom, requiring holes to be punched through the art work. This can be done and may provide more stability in flight, but Jim has successfully flown his kites with the bridle tied to the tips. If you choose to punch holes it is a good idea to reinforce the back of the kite in those areas with a piece of packing or duct tape.

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